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LeaderX is a company based in Hong Kong, serving individuals and companies across Asia. We specialise in coaching, career and life planning, developing yourself through strengths and design thinking.


Our Objectives:


Help you as an individual to clarify your direction, unleash your strengths, and find meaning and happiness in your work and life. 

What We Do


1:1 Coaching

(Online/ In-person/ Hyrid)

With your coach, you can cover topics about your career, working relationship issues, what's next, and more... 


Design Your Dream Job and Life

Follow the journey to learn how to transform your work life into a meaningful dream job or company


Develop Your Strengths 

What are your strengths?  How can you use your strengths at work or lead a team?  Learn more through a Strengths Profile assessment now.

Image by Jo Szczepanska

Online Workshops

Our workshops focus on:

Strengths and storytelling

Career development

Coaching skills

Core applications we adopt in our coaching and workshops


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