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Life coaching

Coaching is a discovery process and a partnership between you and your coach.  It's a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires to maximise individual's personal and professional potential.  

One-on-one Coaching

When will you seek for coaching?

  • Encounter career transition or changes

  • Prepare new job or promotion

  • Seek clarity on your life or work direction

  • Any other goals to be discussed 


How do I start a coaching session?

A coaching form will be sent to you to understand your coaching goals.  You will be offered with a 30-minute free trial coaching session online to understand the whole process and make sure our coaching services can serve your purpose.


Click here to start a trial session

Team Coaching

Team coaching usually will be in a group of 6 -8 people on a specific team objective.  The themes can be clarify of team collaboration, strategic directions, or team alignment.  A Team Coaching Assessment may be adopted before conducting a team coaching session.  


 "I have enjoyed and derived a lot of value from the coaching sessions so far as it is so positively helpful to be able to speak to someone who is skilled in helping me to drill deeper into my thoughts, emotions and concerns, and give me the clarity of thought.

LeaderX Coach's coaching is not just focused on the main objective of the client, ie. job finding. She has also focused on the overall well-being of the client and has allowed me to give myself the permission to have time off and not just focus on the job search alone."

Former HR Executive in transition to half-time planning

What's Being Said (From our coaches)

"I love the Strength assessment to understand more my unrealised strength part.  Thank you for being candid and you used your personal example on elaborating examples of strengths and weaknesses."

Young manager going to be promoted as team leader

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