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I am a working professional seeking for changes

  • Clarify what's your next path

  • Conduct strengths assessment to identify your strengths, potentials,  and transferrable skill

  • Prepare your resume and communication kit

  • Strategize your stories how to ace an interview 

  • Negotiate with the new employer for the best offer 

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College Students

I am a student navigating my path now

  • Find out your strengths and how you might prepare for your internship and first job after graduation

  • Expand your network from effectively using LinkedIn

  • Hunt for great opportunities even I do not have solid experiences

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I am in transition to my next half

  • Design your Life by using DYL approach with a Certified Trainer

  • Map out your next 5 years plan

  • Partner with your Coach to walk through the transitional process

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My organisation is planning a restructuring

  • Communication strategy for HR and line managers

  • Online outplacement services for impacted staff

  • Change management workshops 

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Tell us your needs

We are here to help you pass through your career development challenges.  Your needs is unique.  We provide services on individual and corporate level.  Come and talk to us!

Email: Coach@leaderx

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