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Find out your best self now!

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Strengths Profiler Assessment


What's Included in your Strengths Profiler:

Strengths Quadrant revealing up to:

  • Your top 7 realised strengths

  • Your top 7 unrealised strengths

  • 4 learned behaviours

  • 3 weaknesses



Ask for a strength assessment and discuss with a certified strengths profiler coach from LeaderX now!

Unleash Your Potentials and Strengths

Strengths and growth mindset allow one to significantly associate with self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.  Knowing your team's strengths is also an important on how to strategise your team roles and efforts.  There are many assessments or programs that can discover, develop and apply your strengths.  Please contact us to discuss more.

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